Base Packages

Our base package includes a thorough home and property check. The time of day we will be visiting your home will vary so our visits will be unpredictable should someone be looking for an opportunity for theft.

Our base package will ensure that you have peace of mind and will also meet your insurance company’s requirements while you are gone.

*Important: Please call your insurance provider to make sure the base package you would like will cover your specific insurance policy for leaving a home unoccupied. Should you require any additional check items for insurance coverage while you are away, please let us know so we can discuss.

Our base package includes:

  • Outside inspection
    • Complete walk around the outside of your home
    • Outside windows and doors inspection
    • Check for unusual or new activity such as footprints, tire tracks, tampered locks, flyers or papers in the door that show you may not be home (and removal of them)
    • Check for any sign of possible break-in attempts
  • Inside inspection
    • Inspection of all doors and windows from the inside
    • Monitoring house temperature to ensure heating is maintained
    • Run your taps and flush toilets
    • Rotate lights to make it appear as if someone is home
    • Check for new water damage/leaks
    • General visual inspection of property from inside


1-10 checks  $23.00/check
11-20 checks  $20.00/check
 21-30 checks  $18.00/check
 31+  $15.00/check

*please note that mileage may be added for certain locations. Contact your local office for a quote.