Service Add-ons: Build your own package

*Services may vary depending on location

Indoor plant watering
$3.00 each time
Outdoor plant watering
$10.00 each time
Fish feeding $3.00 each time
Mail pickup $5.00 each time
Pet service (small animal, cat or dog under 20lb.) *This service includes filling food, giving fresh water and letting pet outside on a leash and back in again $20.00/day for first pet, $10.00/day extra for second pet
Additional daily visit: add on an extra daily visit for your pet(s) $15.00/second daily visit
Grocery service: How would you like to come home and not have to run out and get groceries right away? Fill out our grocery form before you leave and your groceries will be picked up and put away for you before you return  *Available in certain locations only. Please contact us to inquire
Hold Key service

Opt to participate in a hold key service where Gold Key Property Watch will keep your key(s) after you return, so you may easily call and request a property watch service again in the future.

*Keys will be kept locked away and will not be associated with your address or name. Keys will be destroyed after two (2) years of the service agreement, unless the Client requests an extension in writing.

*In the case where the Client is locked out of their house and they have a pre-existing hold key service, the Client may call Gold Key Property Watch to unlock their house for them at a charge of $40.00 (based on availability).